Custom Management Program for the DIY

We understand the satisfaction you receive from a DIY build. There are a few details and items that must not be overlooked by any homeowner. These details may be a requirement to obtain financing or aid the DIY owner to streamline the application process and permit stages of the build.

At SGC we offer the following services in a unique all included package.

Service One

Service One – Project study and development

At this stage our project managers will guide you to understand your overall project to provide you with Cost Estimates for the ideas and work you have in mind. We will share our ideas and concepts to provide you with a unique perspective into the building process.

a) Review the location and type of land on which you are building your new home.

b) Investigate and recommend a suitable septic system, well driller and supplier.

c) Discuss the various permits required and how to submit them.

d) Does the property require a survey, need elevations for a grading plan, and or home orientation?

e) Contact any relevant utilities for service cost estimates and applications for service.

f) Provide labour and material estimate for a driveway installation from 2 local suppliers.

g) Estimate amount of excavation material to be removed for foundation and lot clearing ( if any)

h) Provide 2 qualified foundation contractors and or tender foundation and backfill services.

i) Submit plumbing application and list of items for plumbing trades to bid on to complete the home.

j) You will need an electrician, plumber, painter, flooring contractor, trim installer, furnace and air conditioning contractor, landscape contractor. We can supply a quantity sheet suitable for quotes to be received.

k) Provide a full concept 3D illustration of your new home and what the lot and home will look like upon final build. Interior and exterior full details of the layout and configuration. ( optional $ 2,000 )

After the careful review of all aspects of the build we will provide a detailed cost analysis of the build from which the homeowner can use as a guide to complete their home. We take most of the guess work out of the equation.

Our cost for this service is $ 5,550.00 + HST

Service Two

If you choose to use our full management services to coordinate all trades, material shipments, municipal inspections, hydro, gas, phone, internet, well, septic, driveway, excavation, process invoices for payment and submit schedules to your financial institution.

Conduct 3 on site visits for quality and adherence to building codes.

Virtually everything required to proceed with total confidence.

Our cost in addition to above service $ 6,250.00 + HST

The price reflects a build time including finishing and occupancy permit within a 4 to 5 month time frame. With you the homeowner in charge of keeping the site clean and orderly.

Our contract is very user friendly and adaptable to suit any client in any location throughout Ontario.

We will work to make sure your home is complete on time and on budget.


Let’s start your journey to a new home!